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Immervation Multimedia Inc. (IMI) ,  

Immervation Multimedia Inc. (IMI)

67 Felix Leclerc, Suite 200
Gatineau Quebec
J9H 6Y2 Canada
Phone:(819) 775-9620 Fax: (819) 775-9718
Listed since August 2010
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Service Specialties:
SecuritySecurity TelecomTelecommunications CanadaCanada service
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Wireless Mobile IP Video Surveillance

Wireless Mobile IP Video Surveillance

IMI supplies mobile wireless IP video cameras that can be accessed via the Internet or via 3G multimedia cellular phones. The IMI digital solution provides encypted end to end security with authentication and authorization features.

IMI encrypts its video within the camera to prevent others from gaining access or deciphering the video data. The encrypted video data can be sent via the internet and stored at a remote site.

Only an authorized person with a special electronic key can decipher the video data. The system is entirely a digital and there are no video tapes to rewind or VCRs to maintain. Upon decryption of the video data, a search for a specific event can be done quickly and easily with commercially available software.

A franchiser can monitor customer activity from their head office on large screens with no fear of interception by competitors. While franchisees are able oversee several businesses in remote locations via the Internet or cellular connection.

Hospital patients receiving radiation treatment can be monitored a at safe distance. The encrypted video from a wireless narrowband (non interference) camera can be transmitted to a nursing station or a specialist at distant medical center without any violating a patient's privacy.

Secure Wireless IP Video Conferencing

IMI supplies customized solutions for secure IP video conferencing. We use encrypted wireless narrowband cameras for video projectors. The encrytion of wireless video data ensures only those authorized participants can receive your information; especially when holding conferences in hotel convention halls and other more public places. However, encrypted video conferencing is just as important withn office environment too.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Using tiny RF microchips, a business can track inventory or the movement of assets from one location to another. Secure RFID allows only authorized person access to valuable asset information. Our system includes a mobile key decipher (RFID reader) which can be embedded in a printer or placed directly onto the PC (attached to the PC interface) or attached to PDA. A product label with an embedded RFID chip can be used to trigger motion sensors or video camera when asset is moved. Our RFID-based encryption/decryption system enables the security, ease of use, and straght-forward distribution.The encryption key can be sent to the recipent by physical means in a form of special printing paper, or a special business card.

Immervation Multimedia Inc. (IMI) ,  Immervation Multimedia Inc. (IMI) ,  Immervation Multimedia Inc. (IMI) ,  

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