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Roaring Penguin Software Inc.,  

Roaring Penguin Software Inc.

17 Grenfell Crescent, Suite 209C
Ottawa Ontario
K2G 0G3 Canada
Phone:+1-800-210-0984 613-231-6599
Listed since August 2010
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Service Specialties:
SecuritySecurity AppsSoftware Apps GlobalGlobal service
Visit our website at

The Anti-Spam and Email Filtering Experts

The Anti-Spam and Email Filtering Experts
Roaring Penguin Software offers anti-spam solutions that work the way you want:

If you prefer to outsource your anti-spam needs to a hosted spam filtering service, Hosted CanIt automatically protects your mail without any need to install hardware or software.
If you wish to provide anti-spam filtering for multiple unrelated domains, CanIt-Domain-PRO allows you to delegate control to an arbitrary level of administration.
If you wish to have a simple anti-spam appliance right beside your email server, the CanIt-PRO appliance or software is for you.

CanIt-Domain-PRO Anti-Spam Software Solution
The enterprise spam filtering version allows large organizations to delegate spam blocking control to domain owners, who can then further delegate control to end-users. It includes all the features of CanIt-PRO.

CanIt-PRO Anti-Spam Software Solution
The professional antispam filtering version offers flexible end-user controls, per-user Bayesian spam filtering, virus protection and a web interface for end users.

CanIt Reputation List
The CanIt Reputation List collects IP reputation data from a worldwide
network of Universities and ISPs. Roaring Penguin Software aggregates
this data into four DNS-based block lists: Spam Source, Dictionary
Attackers, Greylist Stumblers and Good.

Hosted CanIt™
Automatically protects email from Spam. Ads, fraud schemes, porn, viruses, phishing attempts... if it's junk e-mail, Roaring Penguin's Hosted CanIt® will stop spam before it reaches your mail server without the need for installing any software or hardware. Our Hosted Service is great for small organizations without an IT staff. Let our technical experts do the work, and start benefiting from the best email protection you can get.

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